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Hi All, I'm putting this out every so often to give my source of this great stuff credit for their work!

I hope you have enjoyed the newsletter & will continue to do so.
If your not a member of the news letter then there is a place Below for you to put your addy in to receive it.

& now for the sources & how to Join

Sure, some of the jokes have been around longer than Bob Hope, but most will be refreshingly new and entertaining. Six jokes a day, plus some great toons and or pics, delivered to your e-mail! Stay tuned and prepare to laugh yourself silly!

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Take 5 minutes out of your morning for a few clean laughs. Monday thru Friday your editor Joe delivers a handful of giggles and guffaws you don't have to feel guilty about. Enter your email address and get your Clean Laffs subscription e-mailed to you for FREE!

Get exclusive features like: Humorous personal anecdotes and excerpts from Joe. Favorite quotes and famous sayings. A "Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes" groaner every day!

Dear Abby
America's #1 advice columnist is now on the net! Get Dear Abby emailed to you six times a week.

It's a toe kicker, rib ticklin, side splitter, knee slappin, head scratching, make you laugh 'til ya cry of a list full of humor-(one joke a day everyday)-, plus mind teasers-n-benders, puzzles and ponderings, with occassional thought provoking, laugh invoking hilarity to make your day that much better!! Best of all, it's free!!!!
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Just in case you were sent this
as an invitation to join
my news letter here ya go:
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Quote A Day and get a daily serving of inspiration, insight and thoughts from some of the greatest thinkers of all time. From Plato to Patton and Woody Allen to Einstein don't miss this fantastic daily collection. The best part is -- it's FREE!

Owner spent over a year trying to find something legitimate and tested dozens of opportunities. Moderators have decades of experience working from home -- and determining legitimacy of online "business opportunities."
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Clean jokes viewable by all, no profanity...
The kind of jokes you can tell your mom,
friends, and clients without embarrassment..
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Start each day with a gentle reminder to make the most of whatever your present moment holds! Today's Gift is Hazelden's FREE daily emailed meditation, selected from one of our more than 40 meditation books, as our gift to you. Start your day the way nearly 100,000 of your fellow personal growth afficianados do!

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List Information
List Name Best Jokes Ezine (BJE)
Purpose: Looking for funny jokes of ALL KINDS?
Little Johnny, Lawyers, Gender, Blonde, Indians, Adult-ish
(not too dirty...) & more!
You'll get 2 jokes a day...365 days a year!
Join and start laughing with people from over 80 countries!

Here is what a subscriber (Nicole H.) said about us:
"...Never have I seen a jokes mailing list with such great quality!
I enjoy BJE thoroughly! Thank you!"

List Information
List Name Wit Wizard's Funny Side Up (FSU)
Purpose: THE WIT WIZARD savagely exposes America's frauds, fools, freaks and foibles, punctures the pompous and harpoons the hypocrites. Topical social satire from the ascerbic pen of legendary Hollywood comedy writer, Bob Mills... Plus whacky quotes, reader surveys and complimentary 'toons. In fact, it's all FREE daily or weekly. For the weekly edition, link to:

Hey, these folks have several different list that I use!
Click here to check them out, btw. I don't think they knew ajbout my dirty site when they sent this

Protect Your PC from Viruses with the Clinic!

Get one mouthy Blonde with a wild sense of humor and what do you get??? The greatest ezine on the Web, AND it makes sense. This is an ALMOST Daily, mostly clean humor list. I tend to take a day or so off every now and then. Innuendos slip in but I keep the racial slurs and the nasty stuff outta there. My list will include HUMOR... I think that is self explanatory. Ponderings.... which are quotes or sayings to make you think, Moving moments that are meant to be inspirational, Sites that are cool that I have been to and want to share, hints about every day life, and totally useless trivia. Last but not least, Outrageous Events, which is weird news stories about totally goofy people.

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Give your local NASCAR fans a chance to follow their favorite drivers. "NASCAR This Week" takes America's fastest-growing sport from the speedway to your site by featuring highlights, stats, raceway gossip, driver profiles and reader letters.

"Comedy On Tap" delivers the cutting edge in pop culture, entertainment, political and weird humor directly to your Email!


NFL News

Get off the sidelines and into the game with NFL News. This exciting newsletter gives you the behind-the-scenes news, standings and important information on the players, teams and coaches.

The Coffee Break
Take a break in your day with these offbeat, strange, amusing and always true stories from around the world.Click here to subscribe

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"Possibly the funniest newsletter on the web"

To recieve jokes, quotes, quips and great offers from the best companies on the web:

Bizarre News
"Spanning The Globe For The Weird... Strange... and Stupid"
This FREE publication will certainly leave you smiling -- sometimes even scratching your head.

Wrestling News Today
(Saturday and Monday)

WNT - Wrestling News Today, is delivered 2 times a week and is packed with behind-the-scenes stories, gossip, rankings, tv listings and more. Subscribe NOW for the best from WCW, WWF and others.

From the adult list, or the ones that contain both adult & G rated stuff! ! we have these folks that I get stuff from.
Please be 18 or older to join these list. - Free Newsletters For Every Interest
It's easy to get the email you want.
Email for your every interest and it's all FREE!

daily posting of adult jokes Group Moderator: To subscribe, send a message to or go the this e-group's home page at

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Cerberus - Jokes From The Gates To Hades
I'll send you a few jokes each day, from some of the jokelists i'm subscribed to.
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Folks with a Far Out SENSE OF HUMOR..... anyone interested in swapping funny pics, jokes, poems, lymricks, forwards.. etc... this is the group for you.... come on and let's have FUN...... this is an adult group. IN ORDER TO SEE THE GREAT FUNNIES, CLICK ON PHOTO'S AND THE PICK YOUR CATAGORY....... NEW ONES ARE ADDED DAILY........ There is also a special tribute in photo's of DALE EARNHARDT... #3...... I'm a big nascar fan and Dale was my man..... There will never be a better driver... Dale you are not forgotten.... GOD BLESS THE USA.... WE ARE COMING FOR YOU Bin Laden !!!!! HEY CHECK THE PHOTO ALBUM FOR LOT'S OF GREAT FUNNIES......:)
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Lots of jokes, games, mpegs, just tons of fun and funny stuff.


No insulting people on the list and please try not to send blank emails to the list to unsubscribe.. Laziness shall be punished!! (all s&m; fanatics will do this now.. oh dear!!)

Let's have some fun and make each other laugh.
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Mr Funny Bone International's joke mailing list - 5 Daily joke postings deliverered to your InBox
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Hi Guyz n Gals :)
Welcome to ^Rl^ group of Yahoo! Groups.
~~*~~ The Coolest eGroup on the Web ~~*~~

Receive lotsa Cool Mails, Pictures, Cartoons, Poems, Comics, Cards, Post-Cards, Inspirational Thoughts, Messages, Quotations, Sayings, Wordings, Funny Stuffs, Jokes etc. in your Mailbox.

Rubal Jain
Owner ^Rl^ (Rubal's Mailing List)

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A group for all you rude,humorous and funny pic and toon lovers out there.
Feel free to post when you like.
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This group is for ADULT animated .gifs and ADULT .wav files. ADULT animated .gifs and .wav files ONLY. SPAM WILL GET YOU BANNED!
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This list is for those who wish to post without any restrictions (just cute and sexy that's all :)) They don't have to be famous or well known, just have to be EROTIC enjoy and share it's your list
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this is the adult version of Sue's Corner Web News. This will be just emails that I get or jokes that I get that are not fit for my main site. Some of my members requested this so here it is.
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Down & Dirty, Clean & Crude humor, Funny pictures, Awesome graphics, Goofy cartoons, Kewl Wavs, Animated gifs, Hilarious jpgs,in a humorous, entertaining and/or nasty naughty forum. You are encouraged to submit your funny pictures.
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Use this list to post messages with rude and crude attachments. Don't subscibe to this list is you are easily offended!

Attachments can be any format and funny, weird, interesting, disgusting, sick, smutty, etc. Pretty much anything goes...

All files types welcome: avi, mpg, viv, mov, gif, jpg, wav, mp3, etc. - movie and video clips, cartoons, jokes, photographs, magazine articles, newspaper clips, mp3 files - EVERYTHING acceptable.

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The Thieving_Joker is an (almost) daily joke list, and is for adults only.

If you are on many other mailing lists, you likely see the same jokes over and
over. From all the jokes I get in my mailbox, the ones that make me laugh are
the ones that get sent out on this list. I try not publish the same joke twice
(unless I still find it funny when I re-read it). If you are easily offended,
then there will probably be something here to offend you, so don't bother
joining, just go find some all G-rated joke mailing list.

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thanks, David #